• Stephanie Brown

    School Teacher

    My God Is Awesome! is a great way to introduce God to young children. The book illustrates that God cares about all of us, no matter how small.

  • Pastor Haven Anderson

    Marvin AME Church

    This wonderful picture book brought a smile to my face as this darling little girl professes her love for an Awesome God. As a Pastor, my hope and faith is that God's awesome wonder would be experienced in Kyla's generation of children.

  • Tiffany Greenfield Dickerson

    My God is Awesome! exemplifies God's splendor through the eyes of a child. Every page shows HIS uniqueness and embodies the diversity of HIS creations. This is an inspirational must-read for all ages.

  • Melody Davis

    Kindergarten Teacher

    This book was awesome and it can be inspiring to any child. It also sets the foundation to help a child understand just how awesome God really is.

  • Pastor Courtney Alexander

    Feed My sheep Ministries

    My God is Awesome is an introspective look of a five-year old child describing her relationship with God. This book provides a diverse group of pictures that bring Kyla’s thoughts about God to life. This is a must-read for children and adults as we strive to come to God as a little child. Absolutely fantastic and creative.